The Wisdom Of Life Experiences

The Wisdom Of Life Experiences

I heard a friend of mine say, “The wisdom of life experience is intoxicating.”

When Christian uttered these words, my mind was filled with the complexities of our existence on Earth. I began to wonder, “How many people find the experience of life intoxicating?” This brought a new perspective to me, an appreciation for this simple – yet complex statement.

For most, life is full of experiences that enhance or detract from happiness, moment to moment. Our choices affect the outcome we experience. We can blame others, circumstances, or the world for our less than ideal experiences. Yes, there are certain things that are unavoidable and others choices can affect us, but at the end of the day – the choices we make are ours. Just one decision can alter our entire life path.

My family moved from the US to Canada when I was 16. Had I not left Canada to return to the US when I was 27, my life would have followed a completely different trajectory. I made the choice to enhance my happiness and walked into uncharted waters. Little did I know that this move lined me up to meet my lifetime partner and love of my life. I can’t imagine my life without my husband Cody in it. Every day I think about each conscious choice I make, and where those choices will lead me.

Over the years I have looked back and examined my choices – with much consideration…

For example, who to spend time with, and appreciating the wisdom learned from those who have crossed my path. Some of the most important lessons for growth and expansion were for me personally. Others were for those I invited into the movie of my life. In and out we weave through the lives of others, swimming in a tide of smooth, rough, or muddy waters. It’s natural for us to be exposed to a variety of people and circumstances over the years of our lives. The best moments are intoxicating, but so are the valuable ‘aha’ moments that mold and shape us into who we become, and how we view life.

Where to live and the reasons for planting roots in a particular location are most important to both Cody and myself. I’m sure you feel the same way. Loving where you live creates harmony, especially in a chaotic outer world. We all want to feel safe and peaceful. In an increasingly discordant outer world I call the collective movie, people are unsure where to go for safety and peace. I do know when our inner world is not in fear, the decisions we make provide us with a more clear path to follow. Only you can know what actions are best for you and your family. Trust that the answers are inside you. As you take the time to listen, the answers will be there for you. Right time, right place. Timing is something that we don’t always understand, but in hindsight, can make a world of sense.

The more chaos I see in the world, the calmer I know I need to be. When I am calm, it helps others stay calm and centered. We all vary in our beliefs, religion, politics, medical choices, life choices, etc. If we do not come together in peace, we will never experience intoxicating joy in the world we all share. Separation keeps us at odds in our inner and outer world. We do not have to agree with the choices and decisions of everyone, in fact it’s impossible. The goal, at least for me, isĀ  to expand physically, mentally and spiritually, while enjoying the wonderful intoxicating wisdom of life experiences.

Thank you Christian for uttering this wonderful statement, “The wisdom of life experience is intoxicating”. These words touched my heart and inspired this article.


  1. Love this, it is so true that our choices mold our lives. They bring us either closer to or further away from our ultimate desires. Timing plays a big part too of course.
    And the combination of the two our choices and time, ultimately create our life experience.
    Thank you for your courage, encouragement and calm in the storm of life, especially of late.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you Sally for your comment…well said. I feel as I am the calm in the storm as of recently. The world is spinning in many directions – all will be revealed.