Gratitude is a Drug

Here is my newest quote at  Living in Courage“Gratitude is a drug, it is free and non-toxic.” Yep, free as the air you breathe.  You don’t have to pay for it, travel around the world to find it, be rich, poor, educated, any particular race, color, creed or anything you can think of to find it.  It sits right in you heart.  Imagine if people walked around all day saying how grateful they were for every little thing!  Just imagine.  Our world would shift immediately.  But no, most people run around wanting more, feeling unappreciated (notice that comes out of not appreciating!) complaining, feeling stressed for uncountable reasons, and are just plain tired.  This does not go on all day, but for the parts of the day it does, well, it just brings more of the same.  The only way out of the cycle repeating over and over, is a feeling of love and gratitude to whoever you worship. To your body, mind/brain for carrying you through each day, to Mother Earth & the Kingdoms of Nature who hold you in their arms.  Gratitude to everything and everyone, for mirroring exactly what you need to see and experience.  If you want to look in the mirror and see a different image, then make some changes.

Saying a simple thank you is difficult for some people.  I see many parents raising their children without the courtesy of a thank you when they receive.  Simple gestures will alter the course of your life.  I know people get tired of hearing we are all ONE, but it is true.  What we do to ourselves, we do to another.  Everything connects.  Image the gratitude of a child starving in a third world country when they receive anything to eat. This child needs food and clean water, something we take for granted and expect to be there 24/7.  What is wrong with this picture?  When did we become so immune to our fellow men, women and children?  There are many people dying for no reason. Time to wake up folks, time is running out for us.  No joke.

There will be some powerful choices to make in the next few years for all of us.  Starting now will eliminate a great deal of pain for ourselves and others.  The time is now, now, now.  Not tomorrow, or when we have more time, money or energy.  Look deep inside, for you are courageous.  You came into this world with all the answers inside you, but fell into a hypnotic sleep.  This sleep is losing it’s hold on people all over the world.  When you wake up, what do you want to see?

Debra Oakland@ Living in Courage Online

“There are only two ways to live. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.

~~~ Albert Einstein