How Do You Know Who To Trust?

How Do You Know Who To Trust?

Trust is a delicate topic

We experience trust at a very young age. Children are much wiser than we think and begin discerning early on who they find trustworthy. Through maturity awareness expands, and trust evolves in our ever changing world. The bonds we form change over time, as does each phase of life we shift into. In the world we share collectively – for many, trust issues have become a top priority, and with good reason. These are a few of the complaints I’ve repeatedly heard lately…

People are rude.

People are driving like crazy people, honking, yelling, texting – not paying attention.

I thought I knew them, and now I don’t know who they are.

I feel manipulated and not appreciated for my efforts.

There are narcissists everywhere.

I’ve been ghosted by someone I was in contact with, and well, WTF happened!

If my beliefs and choices are different from others, they don’t want to communicate any longer.

I don’t trust politicians – (this one is as old as time!)

I no longer trust the medical establishment – patients die every day because of medical mistakes.

Who do I believe in, and why should I trust them?

Where has the integrity gone?

The question is, “How do you know who to trust?” Great question, deserving some solid answers. I know for me, it takes time to gain my trust, it’s just my way. Once I trust you, if you lie to me, or cause me to distrust you, the energy shifts – and so do I. The choices I make on a daily basis affect every aspect of my life, and trust must be earned. I suppose I have a low tolerance for BS and have learned that keeping my distance from certain people enhances my life. Total trust can be a deficit at times, so go with your instincts. We are all different when it comes to the T word. I know people who put faith in others far to freely, or are easily manipulated. This can lead to sad outcomes, but at the same time, valuable life lessons can be learned.

It’s important to feel safe with those you trust

This entails letting them get to know who you are, how you feel, and what you value in life. A bit of trial and error – all part of the journey. When you give your word, try your best to honor it. This builds trusting relationships that flourish over time. Honesty is a great quality, but be respectful. We all know how hard it is to speak to those not ready to listen. Don’t be afraid to let people go who do not enhance your life in a positive way. Be a living example of the qualities in life you find important, and watch your efforts flow beautifully everywhere.


  1. Mykey Morin says

    soo well written Debbie and soo true..i especially like the part you said about people who do not enhance you in your life in a POSITIVE way,..<3 thank you lots of Love