How To Create Amazing Rhythm In Your Life

Need a little nudge to create amazing rhythm in your life?

When I think of rhythm, I am reminded it’s very movement is all inclusive. Mother Nature, her seasons, all of creation repeat patterns endlessly. Think of your heartbeat, breathing, love of music, walking, dancing, sports, and on it goes. Childbirth is a natural rhythm. You were born and your circadian rhythms began.

How can we best live our lives with a sense of peace that satisfies body, mind & spirit?

Fear is the great pretender, used rhythmically to control our lives. I heard someone say recently, “Fear is the promotional piece to continue the narrative.” I think of all the things in life I was afraid of that never happened. The mind is a tricky trickster and our repetitive thoughts become habits that often take us to places we were not prepared to go. Life is moment by moment, giving us the power to choose. Is life running you or are you running your life? I want the very best for those I love and interact with, but I also want the best for this planet. We all have different ideas of what that ‘best’ is.

Creating positive rhythms is essential for happiness and well-being. Life is full of layers upon layers of things we know next to nothing of. Keep an open mind. Take the time to learn about the planet you live on. You will learn it functions with precision rhythm. I, for one, want to live to my own rhythm, thank you very much!

Do you ever see someone making a decision that you know will be harmful to them?

We do our best to help with our ‘inner-standing’ but ultimately we have to stand back and let go. People do learn by repeating patterns…at least that is the hope. The good news is – we can make conscious choices in each moment that will support our lives, rather than drag them down. Stepping away from those around you who continue to drag their own life down, will only enhance your life. This is where your life can enter the amazing zone. You create the balanced dance you choose to resonate to, not the one set by others who are not willing to support their own highest and greatest good. Everything has rhythm. Everything dances. – Maya Angelou

Sustaining anything requires rhythm!

The 7th Concept in my book Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change is Rhythm. These 7 concepts are put together in such a way that, when they are combined and used consistently, they will enhance the quality of your life. Think of life as a sacred, rhythmic dance choreographed by you to create your personal symphony. One of the most important components in any great movie is the rhythm of the music, which dramatically enhances the story line. This is where an ordinary movie becomes extraordinary!