Are You Inspired to Listen?

Girl listening with her hand on an ear

Are you inspired to listen? People are good listeners when it comes to something they want to hear. Yet, think about the fact that we are bombarded all day with noise of every conceivable kind. Sense overload is common.

The art of listening is not a passive activity, it takes an effort to be a good listener. Someone may hear your conversation, but may not be listening because they are planning the next thing they want to say. Let’s be truthful, we all do this from time to time. We might feel the need to be right, so begin planning our conversation strategy while the other person is talking, or perhaps the ego takes over, and we all know the negative ego does not like to listen!  As we train ourselves to listen and really hear what people are saying, our responses are based on the art of listening.

In a noisy world we adapt by using selective hearing. In certain cases, I like to think of it as self-preservation!

There is also the art of listening to your inner voice. In the midst of the daily sound spectrum, I find wisdom in stilling the mind/ body connection to tune into the most important and neglected voice. The Voice of Spirit. When we choose love, wisdom and power to freely flow through us, this energy is like a breath of fresh air that re-vitalizes our entire being. This inner voice becomes easier to hear when not distracted by outer world noise 24/7.  Connecting to this powerful inner voice, listening with active intention, puts us on the same positive wavelength. Can you think of a better way to go about your day?

We create first on the inside and express our creativity in outer world. The more we listen to our inner voice of love, wisdom and power, the better we will function in the outer world. The best part is – we become better listeners all around. We are social beings, so we may as well function as well as we can by navigating life in a receptive and open-minded way. Listening is one of the great senses we have been gifted with. Are you aware that the word listen has the same letters as silent?

Be Inspired to Listen!

Debra Oakland – Living in Courage