How Do You Listen?

How do you listen? Have you noticed that many people are busy listening to their own thoughts, just waiting to form their next sentence as you are speaking? Is this listening? The words may be heard, but the attention is gone. I am guilty of this on occasion, so I felt a blog post would be of … [Read more...]

Are You Inspired to Listen?

Are you inspired to listen? People are good listeners when it comes to something they want to hear. Yet, think about the fact that we are bombarded all day with noise of every conceivable kind. Sense overload is common. The art of listening is not a passive activity, it takes an effort to be a good … [Read more...]

Listening From The Inside Out

Quest Article from Steve Tallamy - Listening From The Inside Out We all listen from the outside in, whether it’s in the workplace, socially or for our own pleasure with music or keeping up our favourite TV and radio shows. We all do it, it can be a great source of knowledge if we learn what and who … [Read more...]

Courage Today

I was thinking about ways to examine courage. Below are a few simple things that come to mind. Learning new skills Be authentic, just be yourself Listening - Being Still and Present Look into the eyes of a small child Taking a walk in nature Be grateful Think of people who inspire you. One … [Read more...]