Are You Living an Illuminated Life?

Are you living an illuminated life?  Il-lu-mi-na-tion – light, gleam, glow, shine and brilliance. Yes, all those gorgeous qualities can come out from you and flow into the world. We need more illumination and you can contribute by vibrating to a higher frequency. People have been looking for ways to transform the world into a better place filled with hope, love and peace. This ongoing conversation throughout every civilization has been a deeply puzzling conundrum.

Here we are in 2014 and not much has changed on the surface, yet as each of us accept that we are the light, that the light lives in us, we will see shifts become visible because our frequency is being raised. Illumination leads to the grace of human well-being – from believing to knowing.

As we embrace our power of Illumination, life says YES to us as we are lifted into a ascended level of being, doing and living. Your divine mind will provide you with insight, answers and promptings. We frame our beliefs from the information we acquire from our Higher Self, God, Buddha, Bob, Sally or whatever name supports your comfort level. Our interpretation is coming from free will. How we use that information will dictate the events in our life unfold.

Do you believe life is a struggle or do you know you are in control of your immediate good? Yes, things will happen in and around your life because everyone has free will. Each life has immeasurable intricacies unfolding daily. One thing I do know is that when we illuminate ourselves and shine that light out into the world, our personal world transforms.

Take care of your life, your details and allow others to do the same. Those who do not vibrate to your energy will drift away. Those who are on your frequency will show up on time with wonderful purpose to take you to the next level of Illumination. Ain’t life grand?

Debra Oakland