Lunch Today in Laguna Beach

Have you ever been in one of your favorite restaurants, happily munching, when you hear a loud voice incessantly talking negative about other people? Today was that day. I should have moved, but I did not notice “the voice” until my food was delivered. I must have heard the word “narcissist” 25 times, loudly repeated in the course of one conversation. Everyone this person talked about had a problem and this person had all the answers. I almost fell to the ground in gratitude that I have been reading Eckhart Tolle’s new book “A New Earth”, as it saved me from wanting to turn around and scream “are you freaking kidding me with this crap”. I took a big breath, noticing a woman at the next table having similar thoughts. After I tried singing along to the song being played in the restaurant and sticking my fingers in my ears, I stopped myself, quit judging, labeling or placing any importance on this person. I know better. I realize that people come across our path and are brought to our attention for a reason. What we do with it, is entirely up to us. I decided to ask for the highest and greatest good for this person, blessed them, and went on chewing fast, leaving as soon as possible.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle could not have arrived on the scene at a more perfect time. I applaud Oprah in presenting this book and the author, every Monday night on her website for 10 weeks. This is the world’s largest online classroom of around 700,000 people and over 1.5 million listening to the link after the Monday classes. If you are interested in the planet earth, all relationships, finances, physical health, mental health and happiness, politics, any belief system of any kind, this is the book for you. Most of the people I know are reading it or participating in the online classroom. What is great, is if you miss the Monday night class, you can go to and listen to the whole class the next day. I love seeing people from all over the world involved.