Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation. Does your life feel like that sometimes? Especially in regard to manifestation of your dreams and desires. Waiting for our good, asking where it is, wondering why it is taking so freaking long to show up.  Asking, meditating, praying, hoping and believing is it around the corner.  A lifetime can be spent waiting for our good.  Our best effort can even prove fruitless in many cases, or when “it” shows up, it is not the way you envisioned.  Many people simply give up right before the moment of their perfect manifestation! It takes courage to stay the course.

When you have a dream or desire sitting in your soul, never give up on it.  With applied knowledge, practice, and above all knowing-ness, you will be able to bring the unformed into the formed. Did anyone tell you this would be easy? NO! If it were that easy, everyone would have everything they wanted. For your assistance, there are universal laws and principles that can be learned, applied and lived by.  Many of them hidden in plain site!

Who do you serve?  Yourself in all your power, OR the outer world in all it’s distortion and misdirection?  The outer world will lead you down a merry road that can distract you from the essence of who you truly are.  You are a very powerful creator being, complete with all the perfection you could ever imagine.   Through the choices and decisions you have made, based on the outer world, you have altered the course of your own life.  By living from the inside out, you become the master of  your outer life as it unfolds, moment by moment.  There are millions of voices in the world and they all have an “opinion.”  Listen to your heart, where you can safely navigate the waters of life.  Let your soul speak to you, it has a voice prepared just for you.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online