Sustaining Anything Requires Rhythm

The potential hidden within you is staggering. Shed the old layers, and devote yourself to something of value that sings to the passion in your soul. Now you become the master of your destiny. — Debra Oakland 

Sustaining anything requires rhythm. The 7 Concepts in my book Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change, are put together in such a way that, when they are combined and used consistently, they will enhance the quality of your life. Think of life as a sacred, rhythmic dance choreographed by you to create your personal symphony. One of the most important components in any great movie is the rhythm of the music, which dramatically enhances the story line. This is where an ordinary movie becomes extraordinary!

Everything in life has a rhythm establishing cycles, patterns, and different stages of development. Our heartbeat and breathing are perfect examples. Mother Nature has a rhythmic relationship, season to season. There are great cosmic rhythms in our ever-expanding Universe. Rhythmic waves bind together, creating matter.

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. — Rabindranath Tagore 

Our lives expand exponentially when we connect daily in a rhythmic way to the source of our good. Patterns are created which form our world from the inside out. Sacred space is where we go to form and express those secret, sacred parts of us we experience as life. Those who enter into sacred space regularly are familiar with deep, rhythmic breathing techniques that soothe the body, mind, and spirit, clearing discord and calming emotions that may be stirred up. Notice when someone is angry or fearful, they forget to breathe, causing tension throughout the body. In contrast, breathing in and out with relaxed intention, while in a state of peace, is healing. Many forms of breathing techniques are used for spiritual practices, yoga, childbirth, singing, sports, stress, etc. Rhythmic breath is our friend, there to assist us in many ways. Adding focus and intention to our breathing has even more advantages.

Growing up, I often found myself trying to live to the rhythm of other people. The advertisements in magazines, television, movies and all manner of media have most people thinking they need to be like, or live like, the people in the ads, movies, or television shows — or at least a close facsimile. I discovered most of those outer world rhythms to be contrived and controlling. Keep people from thinking for themselves and they are easy to control. There are powerful people out there who have done a great disservice to all.

Because humans have free will, we learn from the great teachings of “contrast.” The outer world is enticing, yet people are dancing to their own rhythm in increasing numbers. I have joined the dance and find it enchanting, exciting, and educational. By loving ourselves and our humanity, we carry a greater sense of freedom, because we are rhythmically living and loving ourselves from the inside out.

Breaking free of old worn-out habits is like stepping out of quicksand onto a solid foundation. A new perspective is refreshing, giving personal transformation a more positive outlook. Take the time to create space for your desired shifts to take hold. In the wise words of Mark Twain, “Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.”

When an old habit comes up and attempts to take control, take a look at it, recognize it, process it and let it go. By rhythmically acknowledging and releasing, we are mastering a new area of our life, as well as raising our vibrational frequency. A true breath of fresh air, full of grace and peace, brings about our mind unfolding in a unique, personal, and private realignment.

Since everything is energy, using our energy rhythmically in the new frequencies will assist us greatly in times to come. Any skill takes practice, and working with energy is no different. Reversing patterns can be easier in some areas than others. As we become more skilled, we build momentum for great change and manifestation. Will there be moments of frustration and challenge? You bet! As positive momentum builds and new skills are put to use, frustration fades into thin air, making time and space for joyful creating of the life you plan to live. Rhythmically creating with purpose while on purpose, makes it is easier to reconnect with your dreams and to express in your own unique way.

Your Personal Storyboard on Rhythm
  1. Upon awakening in the morning, I am consciously aware of the rhythm in:

  2. In my personal daily spiritual ritual, I acknowledge rhythm by:

  3. By aligning mind with spirit, I recognize I am free to:

  4. In my daily walk, I will focus my attention on rhythmic living regarding:

  5. The musical styles or songs best representing the rhythm of my day are:

  6. In light and love, I recognize and acknowledge this new principle operating in my life in these areas:

  7. I choose to engage in positive rhythmic frequencies by:

REEL WRAP: The Concept of Rhythm
  • Consistency & rhythm are essential to the success of your desire manifesting.
  • Practice rhythmic breathing techniques. They soothe the body, mind, and spirit, clearing discord and calming emotions that may be stirred up.
  • If possible take time in the morning and again at night to concentrate on your desired outcome, undisturbed, and then carry it with you throughout the remainder of the day.
  • Whatever you concentrate on, you will bring into your life, so make an effort to feel your best each day.
  • Rhythmically live and love yourself from the inside out.
  • Rhythmic waves bind together, creating matter.
  • Use Rhythmic Application of the 7 Concepts.