The Return To Innocence – Are You "In"?

Innocence exists in each of us.  We came into this world free of judgment. Our senses loving, inquisitive, and at peace.  There is no pretense in a very young child.  Everyone loves a baby’s innocence – which carries a sense of wonder.  Perhaps reminding us who we are, how we have changed, and directing us back to living in the NOW.  Children radiate joy and innocence. They are clear, living fully present in each moment, trusting that they will be taken care of.

Look into your eyes.  What do you see?  Are they free of judgment of self and others? Are there clouds of fear, confusion or doubt?  Can you look at yourself feeling good about You? Do you love yourself?  Children are in touch with being present in each moment.  Most people half commit and lose themselves in the process.  I think a good question for each of us to ask ourselves is, “Am I ready to commit to being all in – NOW”?  If the answer is no, what is stopping you?  A lifetime of “stuff” has been piled high upon all of us. You are not alone.  Our outlook went from innocence to hundreds of different qualities, some which keep us safe, in a world that is less than peaceful and loving.  You can choose to throw off the “stuff” you don’t want, or anything that does not serve you.  As an adult, it is wise to take responsibility for everything you create.  Yes, people influenced, shaped, educated and directed you.  Most of them dusted off their own experiences, passing them on to you as advice.  Some good, some bad.  Take the good, discard the bad.  Look inside to find YOU.  Not the “you” that other people helped shape, but the YOU that you truly are.  The return to innocence will lead the way.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage