The Simple Step Of A Courageous Individual

I recently read an article in our local paper

I quote from this article, “There was a quote by Solzhenitsyn when he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The judges noted “the ethical force” unleashed by his writing.” The article goes on to say that in his Nobel Lecture Solzhenitsyn closed with a Russian proverb, “One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world.” He followed this in the Gulag Archipelago with a profound invitation: “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”

My platform is Living in Courage

I write about courage, so this article set my mind in motion. What does society believe to be true, even if unproven or possibly untrue? Where does truth come from? Out of all the data that has come to us since birth, our minds decide what we consciously choose to believe. If you talk to 100 different people, you will find their personal version of who and what God is, to be greatly varied. Their chosen God or Higher Source is truth to these individuals.

I started thinking about things we were told to believe, and how these ‘truths’ have changed over the years. From supposed experts who influence us about raising children, what and how we eat, the rules of fitness and exercise, what to read, watch or listen to, religious beliefs, government parties at opposition (who really controls them?) and changing science, etc. There are people spouting truth as they believe it to be – for now. As we have seen, these things change from generation to generation.

Dig deep

It’s time to dig deep inside with all the courage in our souls and wake up from the complex and confusing expletives in the outer world. Your inner world and how you conduct yourself is what matters most. I have never had any tolerance for those who lie. I see our world in the throes of chaos because of lies and deception. Cowards are not courageous. It has taken far far too long, but those who are trying to destroy the fabric of life will be exposed. Now is a pivotal time in our world and a long time coming. I’m not sure the truth will be well met for many. Fascinating times we are witnessing, don’t you agree?

You think things have been crazy?

I say buckle up for a very bumpy ride and hold on tight. Most importantly – stay courageous my friends.


  1. Love this article and so true. Truth and courage are the only way.