We Are Energy

We are energy.  Let’s talk about this briefly.  Our thought is energetic and holds within it – power.  We as creators have the power to direct this energy.  Cause and effect would be how things manifest outwardly in our lives, and is a direct result of how we manage that energy.  The cause is our focused thought, or the recurring habits of our thinking, feeling and acting, which create effects or outcomes in our lives.

Thought is a by product of thinking.  Healthy, happy creative and constructive thoughts impact all areas of our lives in a positive way, whereas worrisome and fearful thoughts impact our lives in a negative way.  Simple math really!  As we vibrate to this positive or negative energy, it is important to know that our multi-body system is taking orders from headquarters!  We birth our thoughts through feelings as they take root and are nurtured into reality.

Energy is alive waiting to be directed in any way you choose.  Consciously creating brings much more satisfactory results than unconsciously creating. Again, you do the math!

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online