Courage & Love Through Technology

Do you recognize that through technology (internet - cell phones) there is a quiet movement among people?  A movement towards peace.  Despite the collapse of many systems and the diversification of human destruction, there is a massive awakening.  People are becoming strengthened to face down the … [Read more...]

Negative Ego vs Courage – What Will You Choose?

So here's the deal. Our planet is in trouble, like never before. Maybe I should say people are in trouble. Out Mother Earth could shake us off like fleas. She has done it before and will do so again, unless we get ourselves headed in the right direction. I am going to talk about the negative or … [Read more...]

Live Your Life Of Courage, Not Someone Else's

Imagine children doing genius activities.  Where does this come from? Some come in gifted, others work hard for what they achieve in life.  If we could only be so open to trying new things or break out of the boxes we place around ourselves.  Children are courageous, unafraid.  They explore by … [Read more...]

Living in Courage – Eliminate 5 Negative Habits

I don’t know if you have read my e-book “Living in Courage” available for free when you sign up for my monthly newsletter.  I talk a great deal about putting labels on everything.  We have become a society that engages in 5 very negative habits - criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame and gossip.  … [Read more...]

Courage to Walk into the House of 1000 Mirrors

Do you have the courage to walk into the house of 1000 mirrors to see what is reflected back to you?  People who are angry at the government, their employer, people, themselves and whatever they have created in a negative way, will see 1000 little dogs growling back at them.  People who walk in … [Read more...]