Be the Courageous Artist of Your Life

Be the Courageous Artist of Your Life

Creative artists of life are, painting our landscape with hopes and dreams. We are the directing architects of our personal life. Our life may be a masterpiece to some and an unpleasant vision to others. Art is in the eye of the beholder as they say. To my eye, Mother Nature is the most beautiful canvas, filled with everything we need to learn about creating our best life.

We are here to create and design from the inside out. Our life unfolds before us like a painting, a symphony, a design unique to our soul path. We each become the unmistakable master artist of what shows up in our lives. How about the art of seeing yourself as you really want to be – in all your perfection. Create a perfect vision of your life and hold onto it knowing and feeling the reality of it. There are Universal Laws that apply to everything. We know the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening. This is a Universal Law that will act as long as the intelligence behind it desires it to.

Understanding the Universe we live and breathe in requires some basic knowledge of the working principles. Universal Laws and Principles never vary. The Universe operates on immutable laws. In the physical world, we call these rules and principles “physics.” What some scientists are beginning to understand is that there is also a corresponding set of principles governing the spiritual aspects of reality. As you embrace these concepts, illuminated wisdom lights your way. Miracles do happen. Without working knowledge of the power of inner wisdom living inside us, this power will remain dormant until we are ready to acknowledge and claim it. A new sense of determination and purpose becomes our constant guide as we trust in the power alive in our hearts.

The “Great Art of Becoming” who and what we want, always includes the “Great Art of Undoing.” How about deciding that any unacceptable appearance that comes into your life has no Universal Law to sustain it?  Remember, you are the intelligence behind the appearance and have the power to undo it.  Move into a place of knowing.

There is one Universal Law that has no opposites – love. I like to think of it as The Tree of Knowledge (duality) and the Tree of Life (love) – we have a choice.  What kind of artist are you?  Will you live in a state of fear or love?  Because you are a great artist and understand the lay of the land, when a challenge shows up, you know to change the energy around the ‘appearance’.

In truth, you are love.  The return to Love is the long journey you are on.  Always remember to express gratitude. It is the signature on your beautiful painting of a life well lived.