Endless Possibilities

I have heard it said that our life is governed by immutable laws and principles that never vary. These laws are in operation in all time and places. I have also heard that every effect is the result of the cause, and that the effect becomes the cause, which creates other effects, and on it goes. I have found my life experiences unfold beautifully when I choose from a place of love. This brings “Endless Possibilities” into my experience. The power of thought is so powerful because it creates a result. I am magnetic, you are magnetic. This poses the questions “What am I bringing into my life, and what motivates me in my decision making?” I have to say that as each day passes, and I choose love as the motivating factor, my life expands. When I go back to old habits of thought, feeling and action, it is reflected back to me very quickly.

I choose to see it as a privilege to have the ability to make a conscious choice in each moment. How I think, feel and act has a vibratory effect that flows out into the world. I want to see change in the world, just as you do. The best way I can make my individual contribution is to act in accordance with love and peace. If I see this world as broken, I am part of the problem. I prefer to see this world pristine, healed, in a state of peace, love and joy. If I have a desire yet doubt it can be a reality, how can that desire show up in my life? It can’t. I envision this world in a state of magnificence and see it as an already existing fact. I have planted a seed thought of peace. I will nurture it endlessly.

How do you see your life, your environment, the world? Wisdom requires an understanding of the basic knowledge and working principles of the Universe. These laws and principles never vary. As you learn to work with these laws, illuminated wisdom will light your way. Miracles do happen. If you have no knowledge of your power, your courage, how can you use it? Accessing and applying the knowledge deep in your heart and soul will allow you to act with purpose and determination.

What are you thinking about throughout the day? Your thoughts and feelings are being fertilized by your attention to them. Have you ever looked through a camera lens that is out of focus? The object was blurry, hard to see or unrecognizable. What is in your viewfinder? Is it blurry or in focus? What you think, feel and act upon will find you. Acting on a desire out fear and doubt will send you less than desired results. When love and joy are the motivating factor, you will develop crystal clear clarity in attaining your desired result. Be vigilant, move forward, expand and stand in your power. The Universe if infinite. The unseen can be brought into your reality, because there are unlimited resources available to the Universe that you may not be aware of. Choose to work on one desire you want more than anything else. Focus the force of your thought, feeling and action upon it, while allowing the unseen forces of the Universe to handle the details. Stay happy, on course, never lose sight of your desire and know that it must come to you. If you are not focused, doubt your desired outcome, hopping from one desire to another, your end result will scatter like leaves in a strong wind. Do not worry about the time frame in which it comes to you. Have faith, knowing it is done. Once you take back your creative powers, you will never be the same.

Debra Oakland