F*** You Ego. This Is My Party & You Are Not Invited.

Ego & Control – Nasty duo those two.  Difficult to control and always on the move, looking for new blood.

How about this.  Give yourself permission to control not being in control.  What do I hear? Oh – Freedom? Really?  I forgot you were there.  Peace – is that you?  Wow, it’s a party.  Are you sure I can relax?  Maybe I’ll just sit over here and think about it.  Oh, that is control trying to crash my party.  Well F*** You Control, you were not invited and you are not getting in.  I am actually having fun without you.  I should have left you’re sorry ass a long time ago.  Go find another fool to pimp.  You are out of here.  I am feeling fine, very fine indeed.

Control is an interesting word. A broad expansive word that evokes different feelings in everyone. One may feel in control, another controlled.  Life is an endless supply of control.

When out of control, we feel weak, threatened, fearful, even free.  When in control, there is a feeling of power, confidence and an assurance that we are on the right track.

Funny really, because it is only a feeling.  Just something we made up, to make life make sense – to give it purpose.  What if we let go of control?  Does that scare you?  Why?  Controlling is Exhausting. In giving up control, perhaps there lays a greater freedom.  Just imagine not having the urge to control ANYTHING ever again!  You can’t even get there can you?  It is such a deep seated need for humans to control each other for dominance or a sense of preservation of ego.  I suggest you try it, for this is a party for freedom you may never want to leave.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online.