Living In Courage NOW Can & Will Change Your Life

Let’s talk about this NOW moment and how living in it can and will change your life. This is a great way to Live In Courage.

Allow yourself to sink into the moment of NOW.  Sit still in a place you will not be disturbed, yet soak in what is going on around you.  Perhaps there is a breeze or the sun touching your skin.  Can you hear birds chirping? Maybe an aroma of fresh coffee or food cooking drifts your way. Children playing or a city alive and teeming with life.  Wherever you are feel it, take it all in while you are in the stillness of NOW.

Yes, thoughts will come into your mind.   Let them pass by.  Notice how you feel in the NOWness and AWAREness of this peaceful moment.  Notice also, when a negative, worrisome thought or feeling tries to steal your peace. You will notice the energy of the moment you were in change. You can feel it. No judging.  Just notice the difference. This practice will teach you to catch yourself when you shift out of NOW.  The more you can stay in the present moment in calm awareness, you will regain the power you have lost in your life.

The past is OVER in each moment that passes.  Your future is created by the NOW moments your are in.  What are you choosing as the architect of your life?  Make powerful choices and decisions for yourself.  Stand in your KNOWINGNESS, which carries much more weight and influence than BELIEVING.  Say the words.  Feel the difference.  Believing feels heavy – Knowing feels LIGHT.  The more you can exist in NOW, the more aware, peaceful, loving and joyful you will be. Living in Courage is living NOW.

Behind the scenes of chaos, confusion and conflict lays LIFE.  Life Is Everything and available to everyone.  Life loves to fulfill itself through you as anything you create as the architect of your life.  The best way to shut down your good is to engage in negativity and giving your attention to all it’s nasty family and relatives.  Have CLEAR CONCISE thoughts and feelings because your mind cannot act upon a mixed thought.  The most dominant though and feeling will manifest right before your eyes.  Love and fear cannot co-exist in the same space.  YOU always get to choose.

Never forget the power of gratitude.  Be grateful for what you have NOW.  Everything is here for you, for me, for everyone.  The human drama can take it’s toll in many areas of life.  Use KNOWINGNESS to guide you through the waters of life.  Not fear or doubt.  The answers are not OUT there – that is living from the OUTSIDE IN.  The answers are right where you are right NOW.  That is living from the INSIDE OUT.  You decide, you choose, you create, you, you, you.  Only you.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online