Negative Ego vs Courage – What Will You Choose?

So here’s the deal. Our planet is in trouble, like never before. Maybe I should say people are in trouble. Out Mother Earth could shake us off like fleas. She has done it before and will do so again, unless we get ourselves headed in the right direction.
I am going to talk about the negative or altered ego, but first let’s think about what we need to do for ourselves. How about giving ourselves:
Allowance &
Acknowledge &
An atmosphere of Desire & Fulfillment in our lives. In all the activities of our lives. You with me?

Your Intellect or Altered Ego stores information like a library. A very very large library of everything you have ever touched, seen, heard, tasted or smelled. Everything. The mental body is a massive filing system and the ego is the librarian.

When you watch horror movies, violence, the news, negative things on TV, read negative gossip magazines, or do anything repetitively, it gets inside you. Your intellect does not know the difference between what is on the screen outside of you or if you are a character in that film or TV show. When this goes to the extreme, your senses project this outward. This can affect people in a variety of ways. Some are so affected that they can’t tell what is real or not real, becoming unable to function in the world. There is evidence of this in every city in the world.

Many people are reactive. This is a road to strain, struggle, stress and fear. Reaction gives you no time. There is no solution at any time. Why am I talking about this? Because the altered negative ego loves to keep you under control. It is afraid you will kill it, so it fights very hard for power. When you start to get your life in balance, it fights harder. It turns up the volume, by trying to bring all sorts of things in from the intellect. It really does not know you are trying to bring it back into balance.

Think about responding, not reacting. Responding leaves time for you to make wise choices. To say “What is the best response to this situation I am in.” It is coming from a place of power. From your true self. Your courageous self.

Think of the altered or negative ego as chains in a link. The constant dialog that never stops in the perceptual mind (the altered ego’s playground.) These links are consistent – strong. When you start your spiritual journey, or a journey of self discovery, the negative ego get very busy trying to stop you by creating constant chatter and confusion. You second guess yourself.  When your mind is still and in the moment or you meditate with no thought, the links to the chain begin to weaken and break. One by one they break as you become more still, more peaceful. These gaps between thoughts collapses these chain links.

This is when the links break, that the true voice of power can be heard.  Your life changes.  You are the director, the architect of your life.  You have stopped the interference that has plaqued your life for as long as you can remember.  You become still, calm, confident, courageous and the great manifest master of your dreams and goals.

It is time for people to move into their power.  Back to love, for we really are all one.  Only in separation have we nearly destroyed this planet and each other.  Find your way back to love and you will have all the proof you need.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online