Why Does Resonance Matter?

“Resonance happens when your mind and heart come into sync.”
Ravindra Shukla, A Maverick Heart: Between Love and Life

Have you noticed the shift in energy – everywhere? It’s palpable in our inner and outer worlds. The earth is raising its vibrational frequency and every living thing is being affected. People are wondering why it feels like time is speeding up. Lately 24 hours can feel like a 15 or 16 hour day, yet our clocks still move in a 24 hour period. My thinking is: As we move out of the 3D dimensional “reality” and vibrate to higher frequencies – time shifts as we do, even though it appears to be the same 24 hours in a day.

Why Does Resonance Matter?

  • In the 80’s The Schumann Resonance (discovered in 1952) slowly began increasing.
  • The earth has been protected and surrounded by an electromagnetic resonance of 7.83hz. Think of it as a tuning fork for life – the earth’s heartbeat.
  • After December 21, 2012 the larger shifts began.
  • In 2014 the resonance peaked at 15 to 25hz and was considered by many to be an anomaly.
  • January 31, 2017 for the first time in recorded history, The Schumann Resonance reached frequencies of 36+hz.
  • Sunday April 16, 2017 the resonance hit 90hz.
  • May 12, 2017 it spiked to 120hz.

Everything is energy, pure and simple. Human consciousness is impacted by the electromagnetic field of the earth. Coping with these energy shifts can be challenging. Earth and it’s inhabitants are on a precipice – predicted over centuries of time. The heart centered individuals who are in tune with the new frequency changes are having a much easier time adapting to the reality shifts occurring.

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Now is a good time to make conscious choices in your life in support of integrity, love, peace, and above all, harmlessness to self and others. Fear will do nothing but lead you down a dark and dreary path, full of deception on winding roads to disappointment. Sounds a bit harsh I know, but time is of the essence. Humans run the gamut from being wide awake, all the way to being in a deep sleep. Those who are awake have the opportunity to make an powerful impact on those who are not.

As I mentioned earlier, human consciousness is impacted by the electromagnetic field of the earth, which means we can raise our frequency to match that of the earth. Imagine experiencing higher levels of awareness, consciousness and DNA boosts – all in our souls true nature.

Are you preparing for the dimensional shifts occurring, or waking up to them? I hope you will do some investigating on your own. If you are new to shifting your energy, go slowly, so as not to overload your system. The body has to catch up to the energy your soul knows you can handle. We want to keep the human exterior enveloping us comfortable, safe and happy. Increasing numbers of people are crossing over into a new age, day by day, gradually adjusting to the tune of the music being played in their soul.

Keep your thoughts, feeling and actions happy, joy-full, kind and loving to others. Everything we think, say and do matters. Commitment to living and resonating courageously is not always easy, but worth the effort put forth. Resonance matters on so many levels, and resonating to the heart is the best place to start. As the Hopi’s saying goes: “Do not cling onto the shore, let go, keep your eyes open and heads above water. See who is in there with you and celebrate.”

In the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza: “Perhaps we are on the verge of a great evolutionary jump. Another way to say it is we are going through an initiation, after all, isn’t an initiation a rite of passage from one phase to another? Perhaps the earth is assisting us in lifting the veil, initiating us to a quickening in energy, and enabling us to see our true nature. Maybe when we see, remember, and awaken to who we truly are, human beings can finally move as a collective consciousness from a state of surviving to a state of thriving.”



  1. This is so important, Debra! I’ve written about these kinds of shifts in the ;last couple of years and I love how you express it here. Thank you!

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you for your comment Laurie – we truly are in the middle of big shifts!

  2. Hi Debra, Wow! What a powerful article. I particularly resonated with 2 thoughts from your post: 1) “Human consciousness is impacted by the electromagnetic field of the earth”, and 2) “Those who are awake have the opportunity to make a powerful impact on those who are not!”. You definitely have given me some food for thoughts. Thanks!

    • Debra Oakland says

      We are here to be the change aren’t we Pam? One by one – shift and transform!

  3. Wow Debra a powerful blog! In Being Love, I also talk about these powerful shifts that are happening right now on our planet. And we are raising our vibrations to align with the highest frequency in the universe Love. Xo

  4. So much new information is coming out to help us in our shifting. Thanks for sharing this as well!

  5. Resonance is a good theme right now. It’s amazing what happens when we meet others in the same frequency. Thanks for sharing.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Resonance is relevant at this time, I agree Debra. Energy is alive and active everywhere!

  6. Fascinating. I’ve recently experienced strong feelings about impending transition in several self-care and healing activities. I need to take some time with this post and my calendar — I’ll bet there’s a connection between the energy spikes and my noticing. I’m excited about the next chapter.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you Andrea for your thoughtful comment. I am excited for you and hear how your next chapter unfolds!