Randy Pausch Dies Today of Pancreatic Cancer

Randy Pausch was 47 years young.  His courageous passing will be felt by people across the world.  What an amazing man, what an amazing family.  Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2006, being told he had 3 to 6 months to live.  He made every day count. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture at … [Read more...]

Be Courageous – Love This Life with David Culiner

My good friend David Culiner is a true spirit of Courage, who follows no one but himself. A true Authentic. David owns and runs "Love This Life." Do yourself a favor - visit his website for a taste of his hypnotic music and check out the clothing line. I can say that all the favorite t-shirts my … [Read more...]

Christian the Lion – Reunion with John Rendall & Ace Berg

John Rendall and Ace Berg found a cub for sale at Harrod's in a cramped space. They bought the cub and named him Christian. They played with Christian on the grounds of a church until he became to big to keep at home. The introduced him back into the wild of Africa. One year later they went to … [Read more...]

Courageous Woman Hikes the Appalachian Trail

This is a great story about a woman who had knee replacement surgery and within 1 year hiked the Appalachian Trail. … [Read more...]