Need, Wants, Desire and Confusion

  I’m probably no different to many of you, I sometimes get confused with the word Desire! Is what we desire a great need of something, a desperate want for something; or is it something else altogether? I believe the problem I have stems from the word itself and by that I mean that it is … [Read more...]

Listening From The Inside Out

Quest Article from Steve Tallamy - Listening From The Inside Out We all listen from the outside in, whether it’s in the workplace, socially or for our own pleasure with music or keeping up our favourite TV and radio shows. We all do it, it can be a great source of knowledge if we learn what and who … [Read more...]

Compassion, What Is It?

                            "I have compassion for Mother Earth, and all of humanity!” A powerful, positive and remarkably bold statement which I often feel inside of me (but not always) and see and hear from well … [Read more...]

The New Order of Discipline

                                By Steve Tallamy For many years discipline was a word I avoided, it invoked an underlying sense of trepidation in me, probably stemming from my formative years when the … [Read more...]

Every Season Of Your Life Is A Time For Transformation

By Steve Tallamy What a wonderful time to be writing about transformation, with the world of nature undergoing a massive season of change.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere Spring has blossomed whilst for those in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn is heading their way.  Mother Nature is forever in a … [Read more...]