Courage Quotes For Living In Courage

Today I am in the mood for some courage quotes to kick start the day.  Here are a few by people I consider courageous.  Courage is required to reattempt a task after initial failure, and to continue on until success is reached.  Reading quotes of courage, fills me with confidence and a sense of … [Read more...]

Failure – Courage – Failure – Courage

Have you ever failed at anything? If you haven't, you've risked nothing. You have never lived. The people in this video failed again and again and yet??? They are household names to all of us. Why? They did not quit. They had courage, moving forward through all obstacles. What obstacles do you … [Read more...]

Living In Courage Asks – How Creative Are You?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to let our creativity be something that unites us, not separates us?  Welcome creativity flowing in and through your life. We are creators. We are directors. We are the architects of our own lives. How about directing your life by welcoming all the greatness life has to … [Read more...]