What Can I Do To Show That I Appreciate You?

“Appreciation is an excellent thing. It makes what is excellent in others, belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

Do you ever wonder what you can do to show appreciation to others?

Appreciation is a quality that is key to sustaining healthy relationships  – a way of letting people know you value and support them. A fundamental need in our lives is to be valued, respected and appreciated. If you think through a day in your life, there were people doing many small acts of kindness. When we are appreciated this motivates us, building moral and boosting confidence.

Do you ever wonder why – after extending an act of kindness to someone, you are not shown the appreciation you feel you deserve? People who do not feel appreciated, may not feel like extending good will to others. It’s probably not personal, so keep that in mind. We love to be recognized for the achievements and skills we present to the world. This makes us feel good and gives us a desire to extend the gift of kindness. This accelerates a win win for everyone involved.

Perception of life is as varied as people

There are no rules, except the ones we choose to follow. When people are speaking, do you listen or are you thinking about what you want to say? We all do this from time to time – communication can be tricky. When the conversation is beyond boring or insipid, we want to escape for self-preservation. Do so as gracefully as possible – if possible, and remember body language speaks volumes.

Sometimes we have to hold our tongue even though we want to say what’s on our mind. If we don’t resonate with a conversation, sometimes the best move is silence versus conflict. People have their opinions, and few are open minded enough to have a diverse conversation where they may learn something of value. When people do not feel heard, they do not feel appreciated. Have you noticed this? If you agree with them, it’s easy because they feel validated and like minded.

Showing appreciation is something our world could use more of right now

There are people feeling a great deal of doubt and fear about the future. Instead of noticing when things go wrong, notice when things go right. The gift of a smile, a thank you, high five, a thoughtful gift, or a few kind words can brighten someone’s day. I think the little things add up to something wonderful. There is much distraction in the world. We can’t be everywhere, online and off – try as we might. It’s exhausting as most of us have realized, since social media has become extremely prevalent. Take time to enjoy your life. This makes it easier to make a difference in the lives of those around you. You will be happier mentally and physically, and appreciation will pour in.






  1. Mykey Morin-Magana says

    This is so perfect..Mike and I are going thru a Divorce and I need my Confidence back..Its all good and I am finally so happy..Moving back to Ca. Love you girl

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you Mykey – Cody just told me today that you have split up. I am happy you are happy! Love you too…