Feather – Purple Feather By Debra Oakland

I am reading "The Voice Of The Muse" by Mark David Gerson. For anyone who wants to write, I highly recommend this book.  It is not your average book on writing.  This teaches you to write from the inside out, not the outside in. You learn to answer the call, give your words a voice. I chose a word … [Read more...]

Living Courageously in 2009

I feel such a surge of change as we move into 2009. People are forming global communities online and on land. This is a time to stay strong, live from a place of courage, honoring your right to life. There is a shift going on in almost every aspect of our lives. A palpable feeling. I find it … [Read more...]

Courage & Love Through Technology

Do you recognize that through technology (internet - cell phones) there is a quiet movement among people?  A movement towards peace.  Despite the collapse of many systems and the diversification of human destruction, there is a massive awakening.  People are becoming strengthened to face down the … [Read more...]

Debra's Message From The Universe

I want to share my message from TUT .  I get a note from the universe every day - I love them.  This one is particularly wonderful in regard to how I see life.  You only have to look, listen and communicate with the greatest power in you where there has never been limitation.  Every aspect of our … [Read more...]

Be Courageous In Kindness

Be kind to people today.  Step outside of yourself a bit, no matter what is going on inside you.  When you are courageous and extend kindness to others, it feels incredibly delicious.  That kindness will find it's way back to you every time.  Kindness is a great gift to give yourself and others. I … [Read more...]