Living In Courage NOW Can & Will Change Your Life

Let's talk about this NOW moment and how living in it can and will change your life. This is a great way to Live In Courage. Allow yourself to sink into the moment of NOW.  Sit still in a place you will not be disturbed, yet soak in what is going on around you.  Perhaps there is a breeze or the sun … [Read more...]

Keys To Living Courageously NOW!

As each person moves their attention from NOW to "Out There" communication with the source of all good is interrupted.  The present moment is where all exists.  Each NOW moment creates the next and the next and on and on.  These moments build momentum which are needed to culminate into an experience … [Read more...]

Courage – Use It Wisely For Magnificent Results

How is your core? I call your core LOVE. Similar to exercising your body, if your core is strong, it supports the rest of the body. When you walk in the moment loving everything, your world is supported in all ways. That core reaches out to every other area in your world. Ask "What Would Love … [Read more...]

Gratitude is a Drug

Here is my newest quote at  Living in Courage - "Gratitude is a drug, it is free and non-toxic." Yep, free as the air you breathe.  You don't have to pay for it, travel around the world to find it, be rich, poor, educated, any particular race, color, creed or anything you can think of to find it.  … [Read more...]

Happy Easter From Living In Courage

Happy Easter to everyone this fine day.  I plan on keeping light and fun - and you?  It is all about gratitude, love and joy this fine Sunday.  Have some eggs and make sure they are really colorful.  Chomp on some chocolate, run around and play.  Today is for being grateful.  Whatever else you do … [Read more...]