Courage & Love Through Technology

Do you recognize that through technology (internet – cell phones) there is a quiet movement among people?  A movement towards peace.  Despite the collapse of many systems and the diversification of human destruction, there is a massive awakening.  People are becoming strengthened to face down the many challenges that are on the earth.  There are many movements happening. People are aligning with peace.  A quiet revolution has begun.  Women are taking back their power.  Men are learning to open their heart center. We are going to see more balance between the masculine and feminine.  A great healing will emerge in the next 3 years, even in the midst of what “seems” like a world in chaos.

We as a people cannot continue to damage Mother Earth and each other.  There is no more time for such nonsense.  We are waking up to the power we each own, which has never been outside of ourselves.  We are beginning to live from the inside out.  Living from the outside in has gotton us in quite a mess.  We are all family, each connected to the other.  I see people clinging to their tribes (family & friends) because it makes them feel safe in a world of change.  It takes great courage to love everyone, to embrace others in peace, to move into a place of non- judgment.

Sever from the mass consciousness and allow the unification of light and love to bring us back to peace. Love is the only answer.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online.