The Three C’s

A few years ago I wrote an article for Aspire Magazine. The title was Curiosity, Creativity & Courage. In re-reading the article, which was never posted on my website, I felt these words are as relevant today as when I wrote them. Who better to share them with, than you?

Curiosity, creativity & courage go hand in hand, happily dancing through the corners of your mind, body and spirit.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. We are intensely curious as children and creativity is the order of the day. Our little bodies and minds are active and we are courageous! If you have lost one of The Three C’s, try this…

Take a day of your life and go out into the world experiencing things as if for the first time.

See with new eyes, keep an open mind and above all, stay curious. Creativity can be elusive without curiosity, and without courage, we don’t resonate with or move in the direction of our dreams very quickly. The world we live in is a wonderland for curiosity seekers. The Three C’s really know how to complement our lives. Here’s how!


Curiosity – a strong desire to know or learn. Some say curiosity killed the cat, but I say it gives a cat nine lives! When our interest is aroused, we explore, perhaps even delving in the unknown. Children are especially good at this. The world is a wondrous enticing soul exploration that delights and enlightens. As adults our daily routine can become routine or feel monotonous. Having no time to explore can dull or suppress our inquisitive nature.

Curiosity when kept positive, helps us expand vs contract. I’m not talking about curiously sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong. Joyful curiosity is fun and leads us into expansive creativity…


We are creator beings, here to express ourselves. I always ask people what they loved most between the ages of 4 and 10. This question usually brings a smile to their face as they go back in time.  We have left breadcrumbs along the trail of life. Clues to our purpose that can evolve and transform into our passionate unique life purpose. Our soul has lovingly assigned each of us with one!

When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they usually have an immediate answer. In part, because of the environment they live in, outer world influences and interests, yet it stokes the fires of the soul and creates hope. Our fertile minds are full of the most exciting activity. Its name – Imagination!

I have noticed that after a long career and many life lessons later, when people aren’t living in alignment with their purpose, they become listless, discouraged, lacking the body, mind and spirit balance they long for.  As an adult stepping outside the box or changing directions in life, takes courage…


To act in accordance with our heartfelt beliefs takes courage, conviction of spirit and hoot-spa! I love everyday courage, which to me, means living from your heart. It’s not required but definitely recommended! Courage is a variety of qualities bound together that give us a feeling of fearlessness.

I have written many quotes on courage. Here is one of my favorites:

“Courageous individuals who are true to themselves feel a powerful resolve that is unshakable, a true conviction of purpose, and a willingness to carry on in the face of any challenge.”  – Debra Oakland

Part of my definition of courage is: “Living a courageous life happens when we allow the true essence of who we are to rise up and shine for all the world to see – regardless of other people’s opinions. Standing in the power of purpose is a pure point of courage, available to everyone who cares to utilize it, which brings forward the power alive within. If this power has been diminished greatly, when awakened it can shatter the fear of moving forward toward an intention or goal.

Greatness arises from mediocrity. Lives are altered as awareness shifts to possibility and progress. The union of courage and honor is a great gift within the heart of every human soul.”

High five to courage!

Three C’s Wrap Up

How do you feel when you step outside the box of the same day in, day out routine that has lost its luster? It feels energizing, encouraging and effectively helps you shift your perspective on life. Possibilities are everywhere, if we remain open to them.

So take your curious creative courageous grown-up self and enjoy exploring all the world has to offer. Remember, when you say yes to life, life says yes to you!


  1. Another amazing newsletter, I totally agree the the 3 C’s can make our life so much richer.

  2. Linda Dunphy says

    Thank you Debra, reading your inspiration always gives me inspiration. I especially love this one. I didn’t learn to be courageous until the last couple of years and I am in my 70s. So I encourage all of you to start living courageously now! It can also be fun as well as a little frightening, but always stimulating. Find the curiosity that you used to have, and start enjoying life again. You inspire me Debra as well as many others. Thank you.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Wow, thanks for sharing your story of courage, Linda. I love this comment – life is to be enjoyed, and we can each inspire each other along the path.

  3. Wonderful articles. Love everything u write. Always uplifting and timely. U r amazing!

  4. Another great article indeed!

  5. Love this article! I especially resonate with the reminder that “Living a courageous life happens when we allow the true essence of who we are to rise up and shine for all the world to see” – it has taken me sometime to feel comfortable doing that since we are often too critical of ourselves and not sure what we have to share with the world that feels worthy. Letting go of that concern and just allowing ourselves to be, is harder than we think but so wonderful and freeing once you do.

    Thank you for inspiring us and keeping us lifted with your words of encouragement.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Your comment humbles me, Sally. It is my greatest hope to uplift, inspire, and encourage others. Thank you for sharing part of your lessons in living a courageous life. Freeing indeed!

  6. Wonderful articles. Always uplifting and timely. U r amazing!