What Is The Purpose Of Love?

                  What Is The Purpose Of Love - Steve Tallamy I don’t mind admitting that ever since Debra told me that our Love topic this month was Purpose I have struggled to think of anything to write.  The question, ‘what is the purpose of … [Read more...]

Love Is The Answer!

                              We are all ONE. In that oneness a separation stirs between people. As we return to the purity of unified oneness, a massive shift in consciousness will take place. Within the heart … [Read more...]

Love Is….

  Love is a many faceted jewel reflecting back to us all that we send out. It was recently Valentine's Day and I was thinking about the power of love and how it effects us. Human love can have all kinds of conditions attached, but unconditional love is not bound by the physical. Wayne Dyer's … [Read more...]

The Question of Receptivity

How receptive are you? How receptive am I?  A tricky question we don’t ask ourselves often enough. The quality of taking in and receiving is being receptive to all life has to offer us. We often say no to life without even realizing it.  Mother Nature never says no to life, she is life.  We are the … [Read more...]

What Is the Gift You Were Meant To Give?

Are you in the flow or out of the flow? We are either flowing with our good or going against it. How is the energy flow affecting each of our lives and how can we harness it? Watch this video of Oprah Winfrey for some insight. Oprah is a woman who delivers gifts of love to the world. What a … [Read more...]