Acceptance & Love

Acceptance and Love ? by Little John Behan Aog When Debra Oakland and I were discussing the topic for this month’s newsletter, she brought up this subject. As it has always been near and dear to my heart, I jumped at it. Acceptance is a big topic, covering a wide array of subjects, but for our … [Read more...]

Imagine A Life Without Fear – Can You?

“The biggest illusion is fear creating monsters that are only shadows which dissolve in the light of love.” - Debra Oakland Imagine, a life without fear! Let's stop and think about how this feels for a couple of minutes. Feels good to me, how about you? To be free of fear we have to know what we … [Read more...]

Feeling Fearless & Courageous?

Feeling Fearless & Courageous is a bold question. Courage without fear running the program takes inner work at a deep level. There are layers to work through. Breaking through to the cause and effect of each layer requires introspection, self-awareness, courageous curiosity, and wisdom. Trust … [Read more...]

Love Yourself First & Love Will Find You!

Three simple words - I Love You. How often do you say these three words to yourself? Try looking in the mirror and repeating these three powerful words to yourself. I can guarantee, it will feel good. I have found that if you love yourself first, love will find you. To love yourself right now, just … [Read more...]

Love is Waiting for YOU! Are You Ready?

Love is Waiting for YOU! Are You Ready? You are probably wondering why I say love is waiting for you, right? Well, it's Valentine's Day and I got to thinking about perspective. This is a day that irks many people for a variety of reasons. Those who are deeply in love embrace the day, just as new … [Read more...]