When You Dedicate Yourself Magic Happens

Article by guest blogger Peggy McColl - The words “I do” when spoken as wedding vows signify a level of commitment to a partner for life. Whether you are married or not, I’m certain you understand that high level of commitment. This act (of the exchange of wedding vows) is a gesture in being … [Read more...]

Realize and Utilize Your Talent: Resourcefulness

This article is by guest bloggers Nora Whalen & Jessica Dewell. There are two types of talent: innate (the gifts you brought with you to this life) and learned (skills acquired through necessity and passion). How we look at each may effect how we chose to interact in the world around us, and … [Read more...]

Acceptance & Love

Acceptance and Love ? by Little John Behan Aog When Debra Oakland and I were discussing the topic for this month’s newsletter, she brought up this subject. As it has always been near and dear to my heart, I jumped at it. Acceptance is a big topic, covering a wide array of subjects, but for our … [Read more...]


This month's guest blogger Dr Alex Concorde says: Focus is the kingpin of life! It’s the fulcrum that turns dreams into reality, possibility into actuality. Focus is what turns the struggle into strength, the whispers within to wisdom. It’s where you find love beyond loneliness, choose light beyond … [Read more...]


UPLIFTMENT by Nora Whalen Uplifting yourself, others and the world up is all about rolling up your sleeves and being willing to get your hands dirty. This was a lesson I learned with my business partner Jessica Dewell. Two natural givers, we failed to embrace the gift of receiving – really … [Read more...]