Vision For Unity

                        Our vision for the future is critical to our success as a human race. We have come to a point in time where life as we knew it has shifted. This shift is going on daily, and as we adjust to the frequency … [Read more...]

Healing Our Planet Together

There are challenges before us in the world that seem insurmountable.  Our education teaches us about the difficulties the world faces, the difficulties we face as a human race.  This affects every one of us.  Inspiration is key because it inspires us to take action, to stand up and face … [Read more...]

Self Alignment – Are You In?

As I lay in bed with the strange sensation of vertigo, I have been contemplating life and the seeming inability for humanity as a whole, to change.  I have often talked about the garden of our consciousness.  Pulling weeds, then planting seeds of love, wisdom, peace, gratitude and grace.  All … [Read more...]

The Courage To Carry The Flame Of Freedom

Do you have the courage to carry The Flame Of Freedom? It is time for Unity. A time for the damaged hearts and minds of people who would do or cause harm - to stop.  The fires of change have been lit.  Many people now carry The Flame Of Freedom in their hearts and minds.  Change is spreading quickly … [Read more...]