Why I Choose Beauty & Nature Every Time

                  Why I Choose Beauty & Nature Every Time by Steve Tallamy With the beauty of nature all around us why on earth would you choose not to embrace it and live in a place of joy?  The answer seems obvious to me and I expect most … [Read more...]

What Is The Purpose Of Love?

                  What Is The Purpose Of Love - Steve Tallamy I don’t mind admitting that ever since Debra told me that our Love topic this month was Purpose I have struggled to think of anything to write.  The question, ‘what is the purpose of … [Read more...]

Juggling With The Balance Of Life

We all know that life is a balancing act; whether it be in relationships, finances, diets, or our general work/play lifestyles we are continually juggling to keep some form of continuity.  To my way of thinking many of us fall by the wayside by trying to achieve a perfect balance and from my own … [Read more...]

Natural Determination

                    Natural Determination by Steve Tallamy Anyone who maintains a garden will realize only too well natures determination to reclaim its true essence, its wildness, its freedom to expand, grow and recreate itself.  Look at … [Read more...]

Need, Wants, Desire and Confusion

  I’m probably no different to many of you, I sometimes get confused with the word Desire! Is what we desire a great need of something, a desperate want for something; or is it something else altogether? I believe the problem I have stems from the word itself and by that I mean that it is … [Read more...]