Embracing The Joy In Your Life

                Embracing The Joy In Your Life by Steve Tallamy To embrace Joy is to embrace the moment you’re in to it’s fullest, it’s the state of being aware of everything and nothing.  Embracing Joy is being You, loving who you are in that special … [Read more...]

The Spirit Of Love

  Welcome to 2013, I hope you all had a wonderful festive season and that this brand New Year brings you an abundance of love. Talking of which, love is this months subject, so lets get straight into sharing and spreading the eternal energy. Quite rightly Love is probably the most written … [Read more...]

A Vision of Universal Love

              A Vision of Universal Love - Steve Tallamy Well, here we are towards the end of another year and I hope that everyone of you has had a wonderful past twelve months ... I know I have and I give Thanks for that.  Before I get onto the subject of … [Read more...]

What Is The Purpose Of Love?

                  What Is The Purpose Of Love - Steve Tallamy I don’t mind admitting that ever since Debra told me that our Love topic this month was Purpose I have struggled to think of anything to write.  The question, ‘what is the purpose of … [Read more...]

Juggling With The Balance Of Life

We all know that life is a balancing act; whether it be in relationships, finances, diets, or our general work/play lifestyles we are continually juggling to keep some form of continuity.  To my way of thinking many of us fall by the wayside by trying to achieve a perfect balance and from my own … [Read more...]