Wealth, Success & Love

I love this story, it is about courage and choice.  At this time many people are making new choices in many areas of their lives.  Some of these choices have been forced because of the present state of the economy and some just look at the world differently now.  Whatever the reason, it takes … [Read more...]

Living In Courage vs Living In A Comedy Of Errors?

There is a party going on and I am not going to miss it, how about you.  Everyone loves a good party.  This party requires Courage. Where's yours? You may want to dust courage off and try it on. We the people have been putting up with a "Comedy of Errors" - a ridiculous farce that is coming to a … [Read more...]

Courage & Love Through Technology

Do you recognize that through technology (internet - cell phones) there is a quiet movement among people?  A movement towards peace.  Despite the collapse of many systems and the diversification of human destruction, there is a massive awakening.  People are becoming strengthened to face down the … [Read more...]

Be Courageous In Kindness

Be kind to people today.  Step outside of yourself a bit, no matter what is going on inside you.  When you are courageous and extend kindness to others, it feels incredibly delicious.  That kindness will find it's way back to you every time.  Kindness is a great gift to give yourself and others. I … [Read more...]

Are You Shopping For Love?

This is a little holiday story that I thought you might enjoy. I think that the whole idea around the holidays will change dramatically over the next few years. Less stuff, more people time. Maybe home made gifts, food, art, etc. Maybe just more love. What are you shopping for? Shopping for … [Read more...]