Living in Courage – Eliminate 5 Negative Habits

I don’t know if you have read my e-book “Living in Courage” available for free when you sign up for my monthly newsletter.  I talk a great deal about putting labels on everything.  We have become a society that engages in 5 very negative habits - criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame and gossip.  … [Read more...]

Personal Power – A Case of Mistaken Identity

Reclaim your personal power with authority and courage.  When you want to know about something or how to achieve a goal, it needs to be approached with nothing less than victory. What is personal power? It is a feeling of something you are waiting to express or bring about.  A feeling of authority … [Read more...]

Feel Your Joy by Andy Dooley

Feel your love, feel your joy. Be the change you want to see. Celebrate today, and feel your power now! It's always more FUN to give than receive! Andy Dooley … [Read more...]

I Wonder What the Courage of Love Will Do Now.

As I sit here pondering Courage and Love, I have to ask some questions about love.  What kind of love do we indulge in?  Love that is scintillating, ecstatic in its newness and grows like the sands of time.  Love that leaves you sad, empty, lonely, jealous or grieving.  All human love is based on … [Read more...]

Have Courage – Release Resistance – Grab a Miracle

Do you have the courage to let go of resistance in your life?  I think we all want to live as our authentic courageous self. We all have areas of our lives where we feel challenged daily. Ultimately there is a knowing as to where the resistance is, and how it is acting up in our lives. Take a look … [Read more...]